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The full meaning of PEACE is difficult to express in words – peace is truly all-encompassing. Peace truly first comes about when all are well. When all people live in a state of harmony with themselves, with each other, and with nature – that’s true peace, or “shalom” as its called in the Bible.

Peace starts small

But until God puts an end to violence and war once and for all, we can still do something. Peace begins when people meet each other with respect and appreciation. Peace sprouts up when people deal with each other without violence and trusting community comes into being. We can treat animals and plants with respect and regard them as God’s creation. In these ways, we can see glimmers of peace. Everyone can contribute to the cause of peace. In the Berlin Mennonite congregation, we strive to deal with each other openly and solve conflicts amicably. Peace doesn’t just happen; it only comes with effort and patience.

The Berlin Mennonite Peace Center

We Mennonites want to do even more to pursue peace. In 2005 the Berlin Mennonite Peace Center (MPC) was founded. Since that time, we have been engaged in diverse projects in Berlin-Neukölln, across Germany, and around the world. We reflected on what our faith has to do with peace. We’ve published these collected thoughts in our statement, “Guide our feet in the way of peace” (“Richte unsere Füße auf den Weg des Friedens“).

Interfaith Dialog

One unique project of the MPC is the Café Abraham-Ibrahim. Twice a month people from different Christian and Muslim traditions meet in Berlin-Neukölln. People just like you and I talk with each other over tea and bread about their faith and their experiences with God.

Lots of little people in lots of small places taking lots of little steps can change the world.
A proverb of the Xhosa.

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