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FAITH is the center of our Christian existence. Faith means: trusting in God, being part of God’s present, and allowing oneself to depend on God. Faith is a power where there is otherwise weakness and doubt, a love where hate and indifference rules. Faith is: even when I don’t believe in myself, God believes in me.

Faith as Event – Baptism

The visible sign of faith is baptism. Through baptism, faith is received as a gift from God. Here, it becomes publicly visible that a person belongs to God, entering the fellowship of faith. For us it is important that only people who are of age become baptized. In our church, baptismal candidates deliver a confession of faith in order to show that they have voluntarily and intentionally chosen to walk with God.

Nourishment for Faith

Along the way, we as the Berlin Mennonite Church want to give our faith nourishment. Every week, we hold a worship service. Fellowship, music, and sermons are wonderful for faith! There is still more nourishment at our “Discussion Meeting” and “Bible Meeting.” These occur approximately every six weeks after the worship service, with a common lunch and a stimulating topic or Biblical text. For anyone interested in learning about the fundamentals of faith, we have “Faith 2.0.” In small groups we discuss the most important elements of faith; all manner of questions are welcome. More information is available from Pastor Joel Driedger.

I am proud of the Good News, because it is the power God uses to save everyone who believes.
Romans 1:16

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